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We have a lot of ideas which could help change the world, but we need your help to do it. Your donation will contribute to researching new ways to make diagnose available to everyone, anywhere in the world. Your money will be spent on hiring specialists, medical image acquisition equipment and computing resources. Donate any amount at this website.


We are actively seeking funding/sponsorship opportunities to expand the project. Write to


Game Developers
Can you help us to design new games and artificial intelligence aided systems? Send us an email to . Queremos crear una comunidad de desarrolladores de juegos apasionados contra la malaria.


We’d love to have our web and games translated into as many as languages as possible. If you can help us, please write to


Graphical Designers
Do you like do design UIs, multimedia resources,…? Please, contact us.


Medical Researchers
We believe that the crowdsourcing gaming strategy can be adapted to other biomedical imaging challenges. Tell us your ideas at


One of our goals is that TuberSpot is used in the classroom. If you have ideas or suggestions or you would like to get more involved with the project, please write to us.


Do you think that you can help us any other way? Tell us!.